SITHFAB002 - Provide responsible service of alcohol


Shown above are the interactive features of Storyline that I have implemented within learning programs.

Design Ideology

Each section of the course is different in its look and feel. This was a deliberate attempt to showcase, design templates and use of colour contrasts. I used a colour wheel to determine and develop colour schemes.

The player in Storyline has been included to give the learner navigation throughout the course via the Previous and Next buttons.

First slide / Main menu

The first slide is a menu addressing the entire course with navigation to the various topics throughout. This was a template with alcohol products in the background to give the learner an idea on what the course was about. The learner can choose from:


Determines the purpose of the training, accesses to course handbook, how to apply for a RSA competency card and the ability to subscribe to Liquor, Gaming and Racing News. Each column in light blue can be clicked to progress from one slide to another.

Topic 1: Liquor laws and RSA

Interactive elements within this topic include a sliding bar, to engage the leaner with the the impact of alcohol, clickable items to view content within a static page, hyperlinks to RSA legislation, a movable dial to explain parts of the Liquor Regulations 2018, matching missing words to sentences.

Additionally, I have included a quiz at the end. It features a 10 minute time limit, including 8 Multiple choice questions that the learner has 3 chances to complete per question. The learner must get 100% in the quiz to proceed onto the next topic. They must re-do the quiz as many times as possible to proceed. Feedback is given under “Review quiz” to help the learner understand the correct answer. I could improve this section by giving the guiding the learner on where the learning material on the quiz question is located.

Topic 2: Intoxication and the law

Divided into 3 sections it examines the intoxication and the law, preventing intoxication and refusing service. I predominately used hyperlinks to videos to illustrate concepts. Additionally I have added a multiple choice quiz section where I made voice overs for all questions and possible answers. The voice over occurs when the learner hovers over the possible answer, and the question is started when the slide appears. The quizzes’ features are the same as in Topic 1 and includes 13 questions, however learners receive one chance to get the question correct before they have to repeat the entire quiz.

Topic 3: Minors

The main menu  features four images of a Princess that changes when the learner hovers over the picture. The changed picture describes the content of that learning area and when clicked proceeds onto the relevant topic. Interactive elements within this topic include clicking on tick box to show information where minors are allowed interactive dial showing penalties for serving minors, sliding bar used to determine how to refuse service to minors.